Remodeling Your Home Can Boost Its Value

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Remodeling Your Home Can Boost Its Value

While my wife and I loved our home at first, after a few years, we started craving a change in scenery. We thought about remodeling it to see if that would give us the change we were looking for, but we worried that if we were still bored of our home after the remodeling project, we would have just "wasted" our money before putting it on the market. That mentality changed when we learned that some home remodeling projects can boost the value of your home greatly and even help it sell more quickly after it is put onto the market! We soon had our kitchen upgraded and a few other changes to our home and found out that it really was the change we were craving. I learned a lot about home renovations during the remodeling process, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips on!

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3 Important Signs Your Drains Are In Need Of Repair

Do you own your home? Have you ever had to deal with a plumbing problem and wondered if there was something you could have done differently? Before your drainage pipes start to cause any serious issues, there are often warning signs that something is about to go wrong. Some of these are subtle, others less so. But in order to help you avoid future plumbing disasters, here are some things that you should keep a lookout for:

Sluggish pipes: When a drain is slow, it's easy to think that all you need to do is pour a bottle of drain opener down and everything will be okay. While that may work with some sluggish drains, multiple drains being slow at once points to a more serious issue. At the very least, your sewer pipe may need to be snaked out to remove any debris that is impeding the flow of sewage. On the other hand, the issue could be caused by a collapsed pipe or tree roots that have grown into the pipe itself, possibly necessitating a serious drain repair for everything to be functional once again. The sooner you have the issue checked out, the less severe the damage is likely to be.

Smelly bathroom: It's not uncommon for a bathroom to have an unsavory odor every now and then. However, normal bathroom odors should be temporary and go away after a good cleaning. If the smell persists, even in a perfectly clean bathroom, the fault likely lies with the sewer pipes and not with anybody's cleaning ability. The drain leading from the toilet goes to the sewer and also leads to a pipe called the vent stack. When this pipe gets blocked, sewer gasses are able to enter your home. Sometimes, your plumber can simply clean out the blockage and all is well again. Other times, the drain repair may entail dismantling all or part of the vent and replacing the piping.

Odd noises: All homes have their own quirks when it comes to sounds. A certain board squeaks when you step on the floor there, the furnace system makes odd noises when coming on, and so on. But if you start hearing new noises that you haven't heard before, that may point to a plumbing issue. If you are in need of drain repair or cleaning, you might start to hear unexplained gurgling, dripping, humming, groaning, and more. These sounds may not have slow drains to accompany them, at least not at first. While you might have been hoping that you could start selling tickets as a tourist attraction because your house has become haunted, you may only have bad plumbing to blame.

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