Remodeling Your Home Can Boost Its Value

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Remodeling Your Home Can Boost Its Value

While my wife and I loved our home at first, after a few years, we started craving a change in scenery. We thought about remodeling it to see if that would give us the change we were looking for, but we worried that if we were still bored of our home after the remodeling project, we would have just "wasted" our money before putting it on the market. That mentality changed when we learned that some home remodeling projects can boost the value of your home greatly and even help it sell more quickly after it is put onto the market! We soon had our kitchen upgraded and a few other changes to our home and found out that it really was the change we were craving. I learned a lot about home renovations during the remodeling process, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips on!

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Three Tips For Your Home's Heating System

Without a functioning heating system, your home would quickly experience dangerously low temperatures, but despite the importance of this part of the home, it can be common for homeowners to overlook some basic steps for getting the most from these systems. To help you keep your home's heating system from suffering some routine issues, you should keep the following couple of tips in mind.

Update The Thermostat

The thermostat can be an easy part of the heating system to overlook. However, it plays an essential role in keeping your heating system functioning effectively. If the thermostat is malfunctioning, it can cause the system to run when it is too warm or prevent it from turning on when it gets cool. To help you avoid these issues, you should consider updating your thermostat to a programmable model and dusting it on a regular basis.

Programmable thermostats will allow you to have better control over when the heating system runs. For example, it is possible for you to program the time when the heating system will be active to prevent it from running while you are away at work.

Dusting the thermostat will help to prevent dust from getting into the interior of it and inhibiting the thermostat's ability to accurately measure the temperature.

Incorporate Your Heating System Into The Cleaning Schedule

If you own a forced-air heating system, it is essential for your heating unit to be well-ventilated. When it is not properly ventilated, the heating system's fan and motor will have to work longer to provide the house with sufficient heat. Not surprisingly, this will greatly increase the wear and tear that these components will suffer.

Over the course of time, dust and dirt can gather around the vents of the heating system, which can prevent the unit from being properly ventilated. In order to avoid this problem, you should dust the heating unit and clean around it on a regular basis. To minimize the risk of forgetting about this routine care, you should write the date that you last cleaned around the heating system on tape, and place the tape on the thermostat.

Ensuring that your home's heating system is functioning as efficiently as possible can be a task that is more complicated that you may have originally realized. By appreciating the benefits of updating your thermostat and keeping the heating unit's vents clean, you will be better able to avoid making oversights that can compromise your system's effectiveness. Contact a contractor, like Erickson Plumbing & Heating, for more help.