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Remodeling Your Home Can Boost Its Value

While my wife and I loved our home at first, after a few years, we started craving a change in scenery. We thought about remodeling it to see if that would give us the change we were looking for, but we worried that if we were still bored of our home after the remodeling project, we would have just "wasted" our money before putting it on the market. That mentality changed when we learned that some home remodeling projects can boost the value of your home greatly and even help it sell more quickly after it is put onto the market! We soon had our kitchen upgraded and a few other changes to our home and found out that it really was the change we were craving. I learned a lot about home renovations during the remodeling process, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips on!

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Locking Lids Help Stop Scavengers

If you're about to rent some dumpsters for your building or construction site, look for units that have locking lids. These help stop scavengers from getting into the trash. While many scavengers are just really trying to find usable items, there are a few who create a mess. Plus, dumpster diving has its risks, especially if the diver tries to reach further into the dumpster by sitting on the edge or going inside. By getting dumpsters with locking lids, you can prevent people from getting hurt.

Getting Inside or on Top

The dumpsters you see by apartment buildings and in some construction sites are shallow enough so that someone could technically get in and out of the container. But that person has to have enough strength to pull him- or herself out of the dumpster. If that's not the case, then that person is stuck until other people come by. That can be dangerous if the temperature falls overnight.

Another risk is that someone will try to perch on top of the lip of the dumpster and fall in. Unless the material inside is in the right place to cushion the person's fall, that person could end up hitting his or her head. Most scavengers will stay outside the bins, but for the few who do try to get inside, it can be risky business.

But if you have a dumpster with a locking lid, then you can close up the bin for the evening. No one will be able to get inside, so there's no risk that someone will hurt themselves trying to get at the material in the dumpster.

Keeping Clean

Closing off access to the dumpster also preserves the cleanliness of the area. People trying to sift through items can sometimes drag them outside the dumpster. You end up with an obstacle course the next morning. If the trash includes lighter items that the wind can move around, your entire complex or work site can end up a mess.

Most scavengers don't want anyone to know they've been there, so they'll do what they can to leave the trash inside the dumpster. But not everyone follows that example. Again, getting a locking lid will stop people from getting into the trash.

Peace and Quiet

If the dumpster is at a residential complex, or if it's on a work site that's near a residence, the noise from scavenging can be disturbing. Because trash often contains metal and glass that were accidentally thrown away instead of recycled, the scavenging can create a racket that can disturb residents. But with that lid, no one's getting to anything that could make noise.

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